Our Story

Growing up amidst the captivating landscapes of Minnesota, my husband and I discovered our shared affection for nature, a bond that was further cemented during our travels across the US National Parks and the enchanting Patagonian regions of Chile and Argentina. When we were blessed with children, we were driven by the desire to pass on our love for the outdoors to them, and we started their outdoor journeys from a young age.

The growth of our children brought to light a glaring gap in the market for high-quality, child-friendly outdoor gear, especially kayaks. This realization spurred us to rise to the challenge of creating a kid-centric kayak with quality and design equal to what we would expect from our own kayaks.

Our journey to design this ideal product entailed rigorous research and collaborations with our team of experienced U.S. based engineers and manufacturers. Our goal was to craft a kayak that assured a safe and enjoyable water expedition for children, complete with features like perfectly fitting footrests, an easily reachable cup holder, and storage space for their treasures and gear. The end result was the Evrwild Premium Kids' Kayak, a product that adheres to the highest benchmarks of quality and durability.

Evrwild, a name born out of the amalgamation of our children's names, stands as a testament to our collective passion for nature and our commitment to nurturing the same in children. We strongly believe that engaging with the outdoors stimulates sensory learning, builds resilience, and encourages independence in children, a belief that forms the foundation of our mission.

Our pledge is to provide families with superior, fun-to-use kids' kayaks. Drawing inspiration from the tenacious water bear, our kayaks, though compact, pack a powerful punch, just like their namesake. We are confident that our products will serve as the backdrop for unforgettable family adventures and ignite a love for nature in children. We are grateful for your choice of Evrwild for your family's kayaking adventures and we hope you are inspired to #getoutandgowild!

- Ruth & Matt 

Proudly Manufactured And Hand Assembled In Wisconsin USA